We are a family friendly Karate club in Portobello, close to the local towns of Willenhall, Bilston and Wednesfield. We teach traditional and sport karate to all ages and abilities.

Although we practise traditional Karate with many principles of JKF Wadokai, a contemporary and progressive approach is taken that also incorporates competition and reality based self defence training.

Our chief instructor is Sensei Mark Knight and he is assisted by Sensei Emmy Knight.

Our club is directly affiliated to the National Governing Body for England - EKF (English Karate Federation). 

We are also affiliated to the independent association - Sakura Karate Association, which is run by Sensei Becky Knight.



Our Kids Karate classes for 6-9 years are specially designed to introduce young children to Karate and the fun that comes from learning a traditional martial art. The goal of these 60 minute classes is to nurture our younger students in a safe environment that allows their abilities and character to develop whilst learning respect and gaining confidence. These sessions not only help develop hand and eye co-ordination motor skills, they also expose children to the correct morals and values that they will need throughout life.

Parents and teachers often report that after attending our sessions, their children are more focused and attentive during their daily lives at home and at school. Parents and guardians are always welcome and encouraged  to watch their children train. All of our instructors are committed to developing our Karate Kids and are authorities on good practice for child protection procedures.


Our traditional Karate classes are aimed at all levels of ability from age 10 years including adults and provide our members with a safe and healthy means of learning Wado-Ryu Karate. Shown to improve fitness, flexibility, agility, concentration, confidence, self-awareness and mental development, Karate is a combination of kicking, punching, striking and blocking techniques developed in Japan.

Training begins with a beginner Karate class that are designed to introduce people to Karate and the fun that comes from learning a traditional martial art. 

We give everyone a warm welcome so don't hesitate to contact Mark to discuss your requirements.

Portobello Karate Club follows the EKF Child Protection Policy:​

Call Mark on 079640980405 for more info

We have moved to a new location due to Covid-19 restrictions

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